Today is July 1st – Happy Birthday Canada!   

July means that we have finished with all of the school activities for this year.  We have celebrated the graduations of our friends.  We have celebrated the trashing of the notes from those classes that we enjoyed so much this year.  We have successfully completed our final exams.  In some cases successfully means that we have passed with flying colors, in other cases successfully means that we arrived at the school on time and wrote some stuff on the page and now we have the opportunity to try again next year.  In elementary school we have spent most of the past week going to the pool, playing ball, watching movies, and generally goofing around before saying goodbye to our class for the summer.


Elementary aged kids, who have become accustomed to the non stop action of their school days have moved through the early stages of ‘Mom, there’s nothing to do.’ to ‘Mom, can my friends come over?’ to ‘Mom, can I go to my friend’s house?’ to ‘Mom, will you take us to the pool.’…all of these being on the first afternoon of having no school.  Our daughter is slowly moving through the process of mourning her grade five teacher, who no doubt would have said yes to all of the above.  If her dad and I can just figure out how to be as cool as her teacher is, our summer will be much easier.


Dropping eggs off the school roof on the last day of grade 5.

Summer at our house is a great combination of fun and work, which from a certain perspective, can also be fun.  The work part is usually walking or riding horses through pastures to check animals and fence lines.  Sometimes it’s wading out into bodies of water to fix a pump for a watering bowl.  Sometimes work means that we spend a hot summer afternoon branding calves, followed by a fun barbeque with great food and conversation with interesting people.


Work also involves weeding the garden, which no matter what kind of spin I put on it I can’t come up with how that is actually fun.


The fun part is usually either spending time at the lake, or driving around the countryside in our old motor home.  Either of these is always done around a feeling of guilt for not being at home cutting hay, or around feelings of dread if something happens to the electric fencer and all of the heifers go for a stroll through our neighbor’s canola crop.  It’s never happened, but the potential is always there. 


We promise to behave while you're gone....

So today is Canada Day and it feels like an official kick off to summer.  There’s some electric fence to put up – which always pulses with a certain spark of potential for an electrifying good time – then we will head off to celebrate with friends who have planned a shootout and a barbeque.  If you’re wondering what a shootout is, so am I.  Will keep you posted.  I have images of something that Jeff Foxworthy might host….so I know I’m going to love it.

I hope you celebrate today doing something that you love.  Whether that means working, sleeping in till noon, watching fireworks, or building a deck, I hope that you enjoy your day. 

“I never did a days work in my life. It was all fun”         – Thomas Edison



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