Life’s Simple Pleasures



 There are many books and websites encouraging one to take a positive approach to life. Author, Neil Pasricha, did not intend to take on a positive philosophy project. He was simply at a bumpier spot in life and thought it might be helpful to start looking at some of the simple things that made him feel good. That was the beginning of his blog, Many joined in commenting on awesome things in their life. Then he had requests to do a book, The Book of Awesome, a best seller. And he has recently completed,  The Book of (Even More) Awesome.  As he says, “I am just an ordinary guy, writing about life’s simple pleasures.”

  • Finding money you didn’t know you lost.
  • Sleeping in new bed sheets.
  • When cashiers open up new check out lanes at the grocery store.
  • Perfect parallel parking on the first try

    Riding out pairs


And some of my own – the smell of  clothes dried on the clothesline; discovering someone else has cleaned up the kitchen and done dishes; grass growing; wildflowers; my kids playing their sports; Fresca; hanging out at the library; exploring greenhouses. . . .  the list could go on. But I think the whole point of 1000 Awesome Things is taking a few minutes to think of some of the things that bring you pleasure, no matter how small. What are some of your Awesome Things?

– Kelly


2 responses to “Life’s Simple Pleasures

  1. One of my awesome things is having smart and thoughtful friends who challenge me to take a minute to “reflect” on a day when life is going a million miles an hour. Thanks girls!

  2. Some awesome things:
    A really high reading on the electric fence.
    Watching baby coyotes through binoculars.
    Watching baby red tailed hawks with binoculars.
    Moving cows onto really tall fresh grass.
    A fantastic new post on our blog.
    All of these happened this morning. It’s a great day!

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