Pass the sugar




In an effort to try and eat better food but still have some treats, I have been buying frozen yogurt or sometimes sherbet. I was under the impression that sherbet is more or less frozen juice and quite healthy. Then our oldest made some in her ice cream maker at the request of her younger cousin. Of course the six year old likes it! Fruit juice (already laden with sugar) and then add more sugar. I definitely have some incorrect ideas on sugar content. On the Womens Health Magazine website –, there is a quiz on sugar content. I barely passed! Some of the products were American so I was not familiar with them, but still,  5 out of 10. In an effort to reduce fat content to make claims of a food like product being light, guess what they do so it still tastes decent. Add sugar. It is also used to lengthen shelf life.  For some time I have watched sugar content in cereals, but to my kids’  frustration. It turns out that Frosted Flakes actually have less sugar than Frosted Cheerios.  It is definitely not simple to navigate through all the food choices. The more I learn, the less I think I know. But I am still going to stand by my theory that the less processed the better. Pass the sugar or pass on the sugar. You choose.

– Kelly


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