Father’s day

Okay – I’m going to take a short break from Pinterest….I mean finishing our year-end books…..to tell you about how Kelly and I spent Father’s day with our families.

Father’s day can be tricky.  Fathers are well known for their ‘Oh no, don’t get me anything, what more could I possibly want when I have you’ attitudes.  A more truthful statement would go more like ‘what more could I possibly want when I buy whatever I want when I need it, instead of waiting to get it as a gift….and when I have you’.  Men have got it all figured out.

Men having it figured out means that we are left with limited ideas on what to buy for them when Christmas, birthdays, and Father’s day rolls around.  We used to have it made when the kids were in elementary school and they would bring home their tissue papered, glued and sparkled treasures to hand to Dad on the morning of Father’s day.  However, as the kids get older, their teachers get less interested in heading up the Father’s day arts and crafts.  It’s too bad really, because can you imagine the cool gifts our kids could make Dad from the physics lab?  Or Chemistry?  That could be really interesting, and quite possibly dangerous.

So, with the knowledge that there were no Father’s day freebies coming home from school this year, we set out a plan.  With unseasonably cold temperatures, gusting winds, some lightning and 120% chance of rain in the forecast for Father’s day, we thought – what could be better than to go fishing?  That’s right, Kelly and I decided that it would be great fun to load 5 unhappy teenagers and one skeptical preteen into the car and spend the day crowded into a boat on stormy waters while getting drizzled on by the rain and possibly electrocuted by lightning.

OK, let’s give credit where it’s due.  This was the guys’ idea.


With our gear loaded and the sides of the boat nearly level with the water in the lake, we were excited to spend the day fishing.


It was starting to look a bit dismal, with a few impatient hook changes, one snarled and tangled reel, a lost hook that may or may not have cost $40…..

....maybe if I tell them that I have to pee....

….when suddenly…..


One boy caught a fish.  Quickly followed by Kelly showing off her prime fishing skills, and catching this monster………

Finding Nemo

She wanted to eat it right there, but we convinced her that the poor thing was just a mere fetus of a fish, so she let him swim back to his momma to grow a bit more.

It was just as the fish had started really biting that we girls in the boat decided that this would be a good time for the guys to take a break and to make the 15 minute boat ride back to the cabin so we could avail ourselves of the facilities.  (Pee).  They were happy (not really) to oblige, and quickly and efficiently delivered us across the very bumpy splashing lake to the warm and cozy cabin.  We lingered inside just long enough to give the guys a chance to escape back to the lake without us.

It turned into a great day.  We passed the time in the cabin and along the shore, showing off our stellar fashion sense while skipping rocks….


….and generally solving all of the world’s problems.

I'm the one on the left

Hours later, the true fishermen in the group returned.  They had a successful day as well!


After a course of light hors d oeuvres’ (nachos and crackers with salsa) paired with some home-made raspberry wine…..

We enjoyed our main course of fresh veggies and freshly caught fish.

I would love to share the fish recipe, but since I had nothing to do with cooking it I happily cannot tell you much about it.  I know that it involved garlic, other spices, flour, butter, oil and beer.  If you want a great fish recipe, we will track down Kelly’s fisherman husband and see if he would be interested in being a guest writer.  But only once.  We can’t have the guys taking over our blog with all their enthusiasm.

We are very happy that we planned such a wonderful Father’s day treat for the whole family.  At the end of the day, the point was made clear-

You need a little rain if you want to see a rainbow.  Or in this case, a double rainbow.  What a great day it turned out to be.  Don’t know how we’ll top this next Father’s day….sometimes we just set the bar a bit too high.

Happy Father’s day to all you great Dads.



2 responses to “Father’s day

  1. Considering the photos, I am sure you can tell who was in control of the camera. Thanks for all those truly flattering photos.

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