Rainy Weekend

There’s nothing like a rainy weekend to catch up on laundry, finish up those books in the office, clean the house, paint a room…….or develop a brand new addiction.


I spent some time with my sister, (the fertile one) on Friday.  She and her adorable two-year old are having a girls’ weekend, while her husband and three – yes three – sons went away for a weekend of motorbiking.  The forecast shows 100% probability of rain, so she chose to stay home rather than spend the next 48 hours chasing a toddler around a camper and telling three (maybe four) boys to keep their mud outside.

During our visit, I was treated to my niece’s newly developed alphabet abilities.  They go something like this – ay bee cee deee   hm hmmm hmmm, hm hm jay kay elemenopeeee,  hm hmmm hm, tee you vee, hm hm hm, ex, …..oh yukit antie, a puppy!  I applauded loudly and told her that she was so great.  I think she gets her singing ability from her grandma, our mother.  I remember fondly the family car trips where mom would belt out the songs on our Anne Murray 8 tracks….”could I have this dance… for the rest of my life…..would you be my partner…..hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm…..when we’re together….hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm…………   It was great.  One day (probably now actually), my kids will laugh about my singing too, only it’s because I get the words wrong.  For years I’ve tried to be so cool, rocking out to Guns N Roses by singing Welcome to the Dungeon.  Until my oldest finally rolled his eyes and said “Mom…. it’s welcome to the jungle”.

On this lovely visit with my sister she introduced me to the latest tool by which I can avoid doing anything productive.  This is nice timing too because I’m getting pretty Facebook efficient and it’s not wasting nearly as much of my life as it used to.  I can log in, skim the updates like breezing through a newspaper, respond to whatever appeals to me, and log out again in about 10 minutes flat, leaving me with over 23 hours left in the day to do actual productive things.  For those of you doing the math, I count sleeping as a productive thing.

But now my unusually fertile sister has planted the seed of a whole new addiction for me to grow.  This addiction is a website called Pinterest.  It’s a site that puts up all kinds of interesting things.  If you like something you can pin it to your board.  You can see what your friends like on their boards and if you like theirs you can put it on your board.  You could make a board called ‘Johnny’s Birthday’ and put up all the great ideas you can find to plan Johnny’s birthday.  There are books and quotes and recipes too!  It’s so cool.  Here’s the address –  pinterest.com

Go see if you like it too.  If you do, check out my board – there’s probably some things there that you’ll enjoy.   However, here’s your warning.  Only go to Pinterest when it’s a rainy day and you have lots of extra time on your hands.  There’s a load of information there and you’ll find yourself very distracted.  Kind of like my niece when she’s singing her alphabet too near the window….oh yukit antie, a puppy! 

 Looking at my Pinterest board I have found that I really like quotes, and recipes….oh and books!  And horses, and farming….and, oh look a butterfly!


2 responses to “Rainy Weekend

  1. Thanks for paying such careful attention to my singing when you were a young girl as I can see you are now entertaining your own children with your songs(even if you didnt get the words just right) While you and your fertile sister were relaxing I was the luckey one to be entertaining those three little boys plus two more( their father and grandfather) I did try to practise my singing on the little one who stayed behind with me while the others played in the mud and he was brave enough to tell me to stop singing(in his very strong voice) and when I put on a dance tune thinking he may like to dance he yelled even louder to stop……think I will join the two of you next timeand I will bring my new Johnny Reid CD and see what the two of you think of my singing now

  2. Oohh!! I can’t wait to hear you singing along with Johnny Reid. “Darlin, I’m hmm hmm hmmmm hmmmm hmmm……” That will be so fun. With your humming and my getting the words wrong we will make a great team. Maybe we should take our show on the road.

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