Proud to be Canadian

RCMP Musical Ride

It has often been my observation that our neighbors to the south are a very patriotic bunch. Canadians in our quieter way, not so much. However, this weekend we were lucky enough to witness an event that definitely brings out my partriotic nature and I suspect many others. The RCMP Musical Ride came to town. They have been here before but the show never fails to impress. Our 4H horse kids were also fortunate enough to have a special meeting, tour and viewing of a musical ride practice. It was a fantastic opportunity. The members of the ride are extremely friendly and hospitable and willing to share information.  The horses are predominantly Hanoverian and of course black. They range from 16 to over 17 hands high. For the 4H kids, who mostly ride horses in the 14 to 15 hand range, these are big horses. A hand equals 4 inches,  so the tallest muscial ride horse at 17 .3 hands is over 69 inches! Most of the riders have little to no horse experience. Once they are selected, learning to ride becomes their full time job. They usually stay with the ride for two years. While part of the ride they are stationed in Ottawa and then travel all over the country. What a great job!

The Onion Lake Native dancers also provided entertainment.

Waiting to dance.


– Kelly


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