Horsey weekend

It was a weekend filled with horse activities, my favorite. Saturday, was a driving show,which the little big man took his pony to. All shapes and sizes of equine and vehicles they pull. The highlight was the marathon class where we took three laps around the race track with two hazards to maneuver through. Not terribly hazardous in the dangerous sense but definitely took some skill.  I was reminded of Linda Edgecombe’s talk in Vermilion about doing something for the first time. Then, I wasn’t too sure if I did anything for the first time anymore. But going around the track behind the mini was a first.  There was also a small horse/cart flipping episode, but easier to handle with the little horse. No injuries were sustained. Sunday was our 4H achievement day with tons of kids, demos, horses, dogs, small pets and displays of many projects including scrapbooking, roping, cooking, welding, carpentry, cycling, billiards and even rock band.  The brown eyed girl’s horse was not behaving particularly well, and got worse as the level of activity increased. They made it through one club ride but not all the way through the second go, at least she was not still mounted at the end. Nothing like getting dumped in front of the bleachers full of people. I know, it has happened to me, long, long ago.  I can say with certainty I don’t have the nerves required for children who compete in extremely dangerous sports. I am okay with football, rugby, lacrosse( even the girls)  and most days riding.  But that is as high as I can go.  Still a great weekend, despite the mishaps.




One response to “Horsey weekend

  1. I wish I had been there to see you riding in the cart behind the mini. And now we’re extra lucky because there’s another big horse weekend coming up in two days…..not to stress you out, but that’s only 48 hours from now. OK, now I’ve stressed myself out.

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