Raised Beds

After two years without a garden, we are having one this year. At our new place we have decided to try raised beds. I am quite excited to discover how they work as they are supposed to be easier to maintain. Hopefully this means I can keep the weeds under control. Always a challenge. It so happens that we have a large supply of old planks and that is what we used to make the beds. We planted lettuce, carrots, beets, swiss chard, onions. We are also going to plant tomatoes, corn and peas.  Along with fencing and landscaping there is a long list of projects.


Raised garden beds


3 responses to “Raised Beds

  1. Ardell McLennan

    Let me know how it works for you. I am thinking of raised beds for next year.

  2. Cool Kelly –
    I wanted to do this also …. thought it would be nice just to have a small one to fix up a salad from. I have been eyeing up Luke’s sandbox (wooden, perfect size, he could hide his monster trucks in the veggies….wonder if he’ll compromise with me 🙂

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