I am reading the book I bought at the recent Women’s Conference by one of the keynote speakers, Linda Edgecombe. It is called Shift, or Get Off the Pot. You  can tell she has a terrific sense of humor. She talks about the importance of this in the book. Humor and laughter help keep us healthy and happy. On a slightly different note, I have been pondering the importance of setting goals and developing a plan. We talk about the importance of having a vision and knowing where you want to go, then figuring out how to get there. But as with many things, I am beginning to think for me it is about balance. It is important to know what you are working towards and know ways that will help you get there. At the same time, some of us (read me) can lose sight of enjoying and being in the moment. We keep looking down the road, not stoppping to enjoy the walk, ride, run or drive.  One example of this is in our yard development.  I am struggling with visualizing the completed project, way down the road. But I can definitely envision the next step. In this way the yard grows and develops in ways that perhaps you wouldn’t thought of originally. And a yard is mulitdimensional. On paper, a fence may look to be in a perfect spot. But when you actually get out there and start pounding posts, things may change and evolve. In other words have something that you are working towards but don’t forget about enjoying the journey. Certainly not something new but a thought I seem to be pondering.


“Remember your attitude affects how you experience your life,” Linda Edgecombe.


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