Learning the Ropes

We had the privilege of travelling north this weekend to watch a group of young people show off their newly developed roping skills.

Grandparents in lawn chairs watching 4-H

It was our 4-H club’s first achievement day of the year.  It was beautiful and sunny out, a perfect day to sit on the hillside and watch what the kids have learned through the winter.                                                                                                   

Our youngest son is in roping 4-H.  He is a great help at brandings as part of the ground crew – which means that he is strong enough to restrain calves on the ground and be subject to all the head butting and face kicking that a calf can dish out.  I think he has been watching the ropers sitting calmly on their horses and has decided that he would rather be up there.

He had the trailer hooked up, the horse saddled and ready to go and we were on the road in plenty of time to arrive at the arena by 1:00.  Except that I had the time wrong, and roping didn’t start until 2:00.  So, he had plenty of time to warm up his horse…

…and have a little nap in the back of his truck until the others arrived.

'Friday' is wondering if he's done for the day too.

One of the reasons that 4-H is so great is because all different ages of young people learn a skill together. 

Even the moms got to have a try. 

I got third place…..out of 4…..and I may have cheated a little.

Thanks to the adults who have volunteered their time and their skills to teach our kids.  We are so fortunate to have these role models in our kids’ lives who are willing to take them on and show an interest in their development.  

“Learn to do by doing”   –   4-H motto



2 responses to “Learning the Ropes

  1. Hi! I’ve come on over for a look at your blog. I have a LOT of blogs to look at, LOL. I *love* your 4-H pictures. I used to have a horse, but alas .. no more. One thing … I want bigger pictures. BIGGER PICTURES. HUGE pictures so I can see all the cowboy goings on. (it’s advice someone gave to me when I first started my blog so I thought I’d pass it on to you) Please ignore me if you want. Lord knows, I ignore a lot of people too. 🙂 ~ karen!

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