I am happy to say that the sun has come out, the grass is starting to grow and the leaves are slowly bursting out of the tiny shells that had kept them protected all winter long.

Lambing is finished, (6 lambs from 3 ewes…..a bumper crop!) and calving has begun.  We custom graze cattle in the summer, so a few hundred yearling heifers arrived yesterday.  The grass is growing in the pastures which is great, but also on our lawn, and slowly creeping onto the driveways and flower beds, which is less great.  The weeds are growing too. 

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You might be sensing it already, but with spring comes a certain amount of pressure for many of us.  As I look out my office window this morning, I first can see a lawn that will very soon need mowing.  Looking just a little further there is a garden that needs to have the remnants of last years’ veggies cleaned up so I can begin planting enough to feed a small army again this year.  

I see the wheel barrow that I have propped up against the chicken barn door.  This is to remind me that I need to get in there and scoop, scrape and shovel a winter’s worth of chicken poop.  Great job.  One of my favorites………..to pass off to someone else.  However, over the years everyone has caught on to the fact that I am probably the only one here who wants chickens, and therefore it’s only reasonable that I should clean the barn.  Fantastic. 

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Maybe I can start selling to Walgreens?

Leaving the yard, I will drive past a few miles of barbed wire fencing in need of repair.  We had lots of beautiful snow last winter, beautiful snow that was apparently really heavy and strong enough to pull down fences in certain areas.  Better add that to my list.

In a few weeks our kids will be involved in 4-H expo.  Expo is where all the 4-H clubs in our area get together for the weekend to display what they have learned through the winter.  This means there are horses to deworm, vaccinate, trim, bathe and of course ride to make sure they are well-trained in the fine art of not bucking off their riders or kicking out at other horses who may crowd them a bit in the show ring. 

Ooh, thinking about 4-H expo reminds me that I better get our old motor home ready to spend the weekend in town.  We have a 1985 Frontier motor home that gets pulled out of the shop and spruced up every spring so that it’s ready for camping at 4-H, as well as for impromptu drives to B.C. and Yellowstone Park.  We lovingly call our motor home ‘the big rolling turd’.  It’s a bit small for our family, and it lacks air conditioning or any amount of class, but we love it. 

So far today the list goes like this –

  • check the cows for any new calves
  • check the heifers and make sure the electric fence is hot
  • clean the chicken barn
  • repair the barbed wire that has been pulled down by snow
  • pull out the old garden and rototill the soil
  • catch horses for riding tonight
  • charge the battery on the motor home
  • make sure the motor home is ‘town worthy’    ie: screen door not falling off, tires not flat
  • laundry, supper, and all other house things that just magically happen

Don’t be fooled.  This won’t all be accomplished today.  It’s possible that some of it won’t be accomplished this summer. 

We all have these kinds of lists, everyone keeps busy.  We sometimes complain, but when you think about it we make time to do the things that we love.  It might not seem like some of these chores are things we love, but they are.  We might not love doing the laundry but we do love having clean clothes, so it gets done.  I might not love cleaning the chicken barn, but I do love fresh eggs, so it gets done. 

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I will just tackle one job at a time, and with practice will remain mindful of the reasons I have chosen to do them.  Sometimes my husband and I are a team working on these jobs together.  It’s like a date.  Or, maybe less like a date and more like a comedic event but in any case it will be enjoyable…..hopefully.

Go to fullsize image                                                    Ha ha….ya….that’s not us.

So, with that I guess I better get out of my electric pajamas (see ‘sparks’ post), and go outside.  I wish you luck with your lists today.

“You owe it to everyone you love (including yourself) to find pockets of tranquility in your busy world.”  – Unknown



2 responses to “Busy

  1. It sounds like a wonderful life!!! The only thing that you really need to be thankful for is that you aren’t pregnant – or are you????

    • You’re right, it’s pretty wonderful. Want to come out and share the wonderful job of shovelling chicken poop? It’s quite glorious. If we’re lucky there might even be a mouse or two in there.
      Nope, not pregnant. Phew! It is Friday the 13th though, so we probably shouldn’t talk about scary stuff like that.

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