More (Very Cute) Signs of Spring

I wanted to share a new picture of spring on the farm.

Cute little bits of fluff!

These are our first lambs of the year.  One boy and one girl. 

It's my turn to lay in the bowl


When we first found them, they were about 1/2 hour old.  They had already had their first bit of colostrum and were up and about following their mom around the barnyard.  Lambs are very quick to get up and running as long as they are born someplace warm and out of the wind and snow.

Chickens checking out the lambs

As it always does, the issue of names came up almost immediately.  In the past, I have not encouraged naming our food for fear that we all get too attached and end up with a barnyard full of hundreds of ‘pets’.  I’m not sure of what it says about us, but so far we have been able to name the lambs and still eat them in the fall.  Creepy isn’t it? 

When I suggested the names ‘lambchop’ and ‘minty’ I was greeted with a level stare from my daughter, followed by “Mom, I don’t like to think about that right now”.  I love her attitude.  It’s one of total enthusiasm and acceptance of our purpose for keeping these animals, combined with a true sense of concern for their wellbeing.  She is going to be out there cuddling them for a few months until they get too big to tolerate that, and in the fall she will help us to load them onto the trailer.

We settled on the names “Leonard and Penny”.  Looks like we’re going with a Big Bang Theory theme this year for lamb names.  My one concern is this…we already have a Penny in the barnyard….I hope there won’t be too much confusion!

Little Henny Penny

Lenny and Penny are settling in and getting used to all the noises and the other animals who live around them.  After only 24 hours, they are both exploring the snow drifts and bouncing along behind their mom.  In the next few days and weeks there will be other new lambs arriving, so we will keep a close eye on everyone and will let you know when “Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Amy Farifowler” get here.  Hope you’re familiar with the show or you won’t have any idea of what I’m talking about.

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything” – William Shakespeare

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