The most Amazing thing


The most amazing thing happened yesterday. I went walking with Valdy. Yes, that’s right the legendary Canadian folk singer, Valdy.  A friend and I have been walking together on and off, for quite some time now. It is never as much as we would like but we keep working at it and are back on track again. We have a great two mile backroad that winds up and down through the coulee. This friend also hosts home folksinger concerts as part of the Home Routes tour, . This is a non-profit group dedicated to the love of music and making it more accessible.  And can you guess who is performing at her house tonight. Valdy. It was a delightful walk, despite freezing temperatures and a cold wind.  The three of us covered many topics, often to do with nature we were observing along the way; magpie nests,  birds, water running over roads, different types of trees,  and no trespassing signs being ripped off the post. Commenting on the latter, Valdi said “It is hard to make an ally from an enemy.” He is warm and friendly and was a welcome addition to our walk. Never thought I would be doing that yesterday!


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