Ag Ed Day


Where does our food come from?

  Over 1100 kids from grade 1 and 2 converged on the Lloyd Exhibition Grounds for Ag Ed Day earlier this week. It is a great opportunity for kids to have exposure to the farm and more importantly get a sense of where their food comes from. ( Not MacDonalds).  It is set up with stations so the kids spend some time learning about grain, chickens, pigs, horses, cattle, sheep and dairy. There is also opportunity for some hands on.  Nothing like getting to pet the pig or milk the fake cow.  Another great component is many of the speakers are our big kids. It is good for them to share their knowledge of agriculture but also to get a sense of the urban-rural disconnect. When I was a kid, not everyone lived on the farm but almost everyone still had a grandma and grandpa or uncle that was a farmer. Not the case anymore.  It is important that us in agriculture take the opportunities to inform the town folk about the origins of their food.  All in all it was a great day, that would not be possible without the large group of volunteers that help to give presentations, be tour guides, hand out cookies or blow the whistle when it is time to switch stations.



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