Early Spring on the Farm

We have been a bit unsure of whether it would ever arrive, this season called Spring.  After a long, very snowy winter the calendar tells us that it’s spring, but with repeated days of blizzards and being snowed in by icy highways and blown in laneways we have been becoming sceptical.

This week however, started to show some changes.  The many feet of snow that has accumulated is starting to slowly melt, leaving very muddy driveways, and revealing some of the treasures that winter hides away.  One of those treasures that winter hides away is dog poop, and I wish winter would just take that with it when it leaves.  I decided to take some pictures of early spring to share with you.  Don’t worry, there will be no pictures of the little brown treasures I’ve already mentioned.

Icelandic Ewes stepping into the sunshine to enjoy a few weeks of quiet and peace before their lambs start to arrive.

Fuzzy horses roll and scratch trying to get rid of their winter coats.

Pregnant cows venturing away from wind shelters to see if they can forage some left over grass hiding under the snow.

…and this guy.  Who comes with about 1000 of his dearest friends to live in our pastures and laneways.  1000 doesn’t seem like too many until you consider that they are all ready and willing to reproduce at an alarming rate, resulting in increased populations every spring.  Which brings me to another sure sign of spring on our farm…

She’ll never get them all, but a little control is a good thing.  Our daughter (like the rest of us), wants to protect horses from getting injured in gopher holes, and she gets a little grumpy after her head has been slammed into the roof of the truck when we drive over gopher hills in the fields.  Not to mention the fact that it’s really creepy to have one run over your foot when you are opening a gate!

A toboggan reappears on the sliding hill after having been lost since a storm in February.

Found the bikes!  A little WD40 and they’ll be as good as new.

The hens are getting enough daylight to start laying eggs again.

And lastly, it’s a sure sign that spring is coming when I get out my ‘going to town’ rubber boots.  My husband is sure that I won’t wear these to town, but with the abundance of snow this year I think I’ll be happy that I have them.  The old chore boots that the dog chewed on are usually not very town worthy, so I decided to class it up a little and get these lovely pink and brown fashion statements.  I hear that pink and brown are the ‘it’ colors this year, so maybe I’ll even start a trend!

The temperatures are still climbing, and spring is on its way.  I am really excited to share the pictures and stories of new plants as they emerge as well as all the new animal babies that will soon be here.  Keep posted!



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