What am I missing?

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Why would I not want my milk in a bag?  Every time I go to the grocery store I am asked if I would like my milk in a bag.  I bring recyclable bags, so it’s not to save on plastic.

I don’t understand it.  They don’t ask if I want my cans of soup in a bag, no one is concerned over whether I want my macaroni in a bag, so what is up with the milk? 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t complaining.  I just know that there’s some obvious reason that I wouldn’t want my milk in a bag and I feel like I might be committing some major social faux pas by saying yes every time.  The grocery clerks even act surprised when I say yes.  Sometimes they forget, or maybe over- rule my decision and just set the milk jugs in the cart unbagged.  Then they throw my extra, empty bags on top.

Sometimes when I’m asked ‘would you like your milk in a bag?’  I will say no.  But that’s only when I’m feeling particularly self-conscious because there are people in the line behind me and I don’t want them to judge the fact that I want my milk in a bag….because I know I’m missing something and I don’t want to look uninformed.

Sometimes, I’ll pause as though I’m thinking it over ‘…um…no, no thanks I’ll just carry them’.  Why would I want to do that?  You can fit two big four litre milk jugs into my average sized grocery bags, so why would I want to carry them separately?  Maybe my big farm girl hands are unusually large, but the thought of cramming my fists into the little plastic handles to carry milk to the car also makes me feel a bit claustrophobic.   Help me out here, I worry that grocery clerks all over town are talking about me being the crazy lady who wants her milk in a bag.  

I was pretty sure that this ban on milk bagging was particular to our town, but I went grocery shopping recently in California…..and they asked if I wanted my milk in a bag!  WHAT?!?  There is obviously some new social code that I am unaware of, and I don’t want to be caught doing the equivalent of picking my nose or cursing in the grocery store by asking for my milk to be in bags.

If there’s no obvious rule that I’m breaking, maybe I should approach the clerk with ‘hello, I am fine, I found everything I needed, and I want my milk in a bag please.’  Just to save time I think I’ll do that.  For kicks, maybe I’ll ask them to bag my softener salt too.

I’m looking forward to your input on this very important and pressing issue.



9 responses to “What am I missing?

  1. Don’t worry Terra, I also get my milk bagged. That probably does not reassure you that you are “normal” though!

    • Well, thank goodness theres one other person who understands! And get this….today I bought a pair of rubber boots, a chocolate bar and some gum. The clerk asked if I wanted the gum and chocolate bar in a bag. Why wouldn’t I? I just don’t get it.

  2. I am thinking it is about time you get a milk cow.

  3. I always want my milk in bags….especially if I have the truck and it rolls around in the back with the spilled mineral, metal fence posts, barbed wire and sometimes the dogs. I always think they know this and that is why they ask me. I feel better knowing now that they ask everyone. Who knew!

  4. Good day “bag lady”, I mean milk lady”. From a mans perspective, I believe they ask if you want your milk bagged is due to the weight of those big plastic milk jugs. I believe they are worried that they would rip the bag, hit the ground, and blow up. That’s my take on the “milk in the bag” issue.

  5. You may be right Ted. Guess what…I bought juice yesterday and the lady asked if I wanted it in a bag! I worry about the day when they start asking if we want every item in a bag. All that snap decision making is really going to slow me down!

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