Being Mindful

While driving . . .


On a long drive, as I was reflecting on possible blog topics, I started thinking about being mindful. I really quite like the sound of it. But what does it truly mean? When I googled the definition these are some of what I came up with: attentive; heedful; bearing in mind. Not quite what I was looking for in terms of a definitive answer.  But, then it was coming clearer when I discovered, paying attention in a particular way.  Then, coming closer, on purpose in the present moment and finally, here it is, completely in touch with and aware of the present. Perfect! That is what I was looking for. I do need to concentrate on being mindful and experiencing and enjoying the present moment and all it brings with it. Instead of switching off into, oh yes and later today one has a dentist appointment; I need to put a tree order in; what is our fencing going to look like; did anyone take anything out for supper; who is going to be home for supper? You get the idea.  So I am going to concentrate on being mindful and truly paying attention to what is going on. Perhaps that means truly listening. Maybe it means really looking for signs of spring. Focussing on what is going on at that point in time and blocking out distractions. Have a more mindful day.



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