Stop Being A Princess

The brown eyed middle one at our house had great opportunity to attend a basketball showcase this weekend. The first evening we heard a motivational talk from Shawnee Harle, coach of the womens U of C Dinos. She spoke to the girls about talking their game to the next level. There was great wisdom in her talk that would apply to all our kids and even us as adults. Stop Being A Princess, was the main theme. She said if the kids want to excel they have to be doing things for themselves, not relying on someone else. When they get to college no one is going to fill their water bottles, wake them up or make their lunch. She stressed to stop wasting time on Facebook, You Tube and cell phones.  
Start leading your life and how you do anything is how you do everything, were two more of the points she told the group. “If you can’t lead yourself in the little things, how will you ever lead yourself in the big things?” she asked. “Being great demands sacrifice.”
She concluded
“Be willing to
Do what it takes to
Have what you want”

Great advice for high school basketball players and everybody else!

– Kelly


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