Private Property

This blog was not meant to be a forum for political commentary. What it was meant for is not completely clear yet but we think it is coming into focus. However, certain events that have taken place many times over the winter, can no longer be left alone. I must comment on this, as we are not the only ones that are experiencing this.

I know, with certainty, that when country people go to town, they do not walk into other’s yards, or even houses. It is obvious where the public property ends and the private begins. Boulevard and sidewalk, public. Driveways and lawns, private. So I desperately need someone to explain to me that when we are out in the country many have no problem travelling exactly where they wish to go. Sometimes, that means going through gates and thoughtfully closing them, or not. Sometimes, that means going right through fences and wrecking them. Sometimes, that means driving over grain storage bags and wrecking them. These events are not limited to any season as they can occur just about any time of year. For those of us with livestock there are a number of issues that can arise when people who shouldn’t be there are in amongst our cattle.  If animals get out and cause accidents who do you think is responsible. We use a lot of single electric wires in our pasture management and it is not good to hit these at high speeds on a motorized vehicle of some kind if you like all your body parts intact.  It does not help our animals’ performance if there are dogs packing up and chasing them through fences or kids shooting at them with a bb gun. This is after all what we make our living at.  The concept of not going on someone else’s property is completely lost on some.  In the past we have not posted our property as anyone who was going on it was respectful and asked permission. Then we could explain that the fences were electrified or that there were six bulls in the herd.  However, that is no longer the case and we will have to put up signs that read Private Property – No Trespassing. In case they don’t get it private property means no trespassing.

– Kelly


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