Celebrating Women’s Day 2011

spinning wheelOn March 8, which was the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day, I spent a large part of the day learning to spin yarn from Alpaca fibre.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, and this was the perfect opportunity to learn.  I was at a workshop hosted by two friends of mine in their beautiful loft, overlooking the rolling prairie near the North Saskatchewan river.  There were five women gathered there, and the conversations that we spun into our yarn were thoughtful, intelligent and at times completely hilarious.  I also learned something – that if we lived in the days of spinning fibre to clothe your family, my family would be nude.   They would be well fed because I’m a great cook, but sadly they would be naked because spinning wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be. 

When fibre spinning was over I spent some time with my daughter, my sister and her kids, and my mom.  We were all gathered to help my sister get one of her sons off to hockey.  Well, actually we were gathered there to visit and to eat my sister’s fantastic banana bread, but we made ourselves useful while we were there.  My sister is a mother of  four.  She has a degree majoring in child psychology which I’m sure comes in handy every day of her life.  My mom is a retired nurse.  She worked regularly in hospitals and nursing homes while my sister and I were growing up.  Her mother, (my grandma), also had a job as cashier at the grocery store in the small town that my mom and her four siblings grew up in.  As a little girl I would go visit her at the store, and as a result, I wanted to work at a grocery store just like Grandma.  She also had a very unique museum that she and my Grandpa ran out of their backyard.  That museum is now operating out of the elevator in their town, leaving quite a legacy for my Grandparents.  Not far back in my family tree I have a great-aunt who continued farming on her own while raising small children after her husband died.  That land and more is still being farmed by her family now, generations later.  Our family, like most, is blessed to have come from a long line of hard-working, contributing women.  Some days I can’t muster the ambition to put on socks.  Those days I wonder if I may have been adopted.

I left my sister’s house when my niece started barfing….”bye mom!  I know you can handle this better than I can”……to take my daughter to a highschool senior girls’ basketball game.  She will be starting basketball for the first time next week, and I thought it would be fun for her to see this team in action.   Kelly’s daughter plays, and I imagined that my daughter would be inspired by watching her strength in passing and pushing past the opposing team to get to the net.  I am happy to say that our daughter has some great examples of strong young women in her life, and none of them have ever been seen in a meat dress or a cone bra – not even on Facebook.  So far.

My third Women’s Day event on the 8th, was to meet with our book club ladies for drinks and appetizers.   This group of women is very diverse.  We include mothers, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, dancers, bankers, writers, farmers, nurses, business managers, executives, board members, event planners, volunteers, mediators and more.   All of us happen to be married.  There are only 11 members of our club, but the list of roles that we play is noticeably longer.  I had to put ‘and more’ at the end because undoubtedly there are more things that these women do which I am unaware of.  There are also more things that these women do that I am aware of, but would be inappropriate to include.

I feel so lucky to be involved with all of the people who I spent women’s day with.  I think as women we should congratulate ourselves for the progress we have made over the last 100 years, and look forward to moving ahead with our own goals and ambitions in the next 100 years. 



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