First Impressions

I think that we can all agree that first impressions are important.  I think we can recover from a bad first impression, but you never really forget about what you first thought when you met someone.

Like for example when I first met Kelly……..well, for some reason I can’t remember that one.  Obviously it was a momentous day, but alas, it has left me.  Perhaps I was drunk.

For me, first impressions that I get when meeting someone involve things like;  ‘they avoid eye contact’, ‘they have a beautiful smile’, ‘I like the way they think’, ‘they have bad breath’.  That sort of stuff.

I had the opportunity to meet some people for the first time yesterday.  These were people who were kind enough to invite my son to come with them on a ski trip.  My son is friends with their daughter.  He has told me that they are just good friends, and because I was born yesterday I believe him. 

I was giving my son some instructions….things like ‘say please and thankyou’    ‘don’t use all the hot water’   ‘cover your mouth if you cough’….things that he has known for a good 16 years, but I just needed to verbalize to make myself feel better.  He was giving me his classic eye roll and smile when I felt a funny tug at my hair.  I looked up and I saw a cute little sparrow  –  pointing his bum at me.  

Pulling my hands through my hair, I asked my son if I had bird poop on me.  He started to laugh and point, so I knew what the answer was.  He also managed to giggle out what color it was and what texture it looked like.  Great.  My husband was very helpful and brought me a tissue that I used to attempt a last-minute sprucing up.  Mostly it was on my hands though, so no need to fuss over my hair.

We walked into the building towards these very kind, well dressed, clean-looking people.  The father stood and held his hand out to mine…and I had to explain.  “You know, I would love to shake your hand, but…well, a bird just crapped on me and I got it all over my hands.”

I hope that their first impression of me is that I am very considerate of their personal hygiene.  I mean, lets face it – I didn’t have to tell him anything.  I could have shaken everyone’s hand and they would have gone on about their day, eating sandwiches and peanuts from a bag being none the wiser.  I think that telling them that I had bird feces on my hands was my good deed for the day.  Maybe even for the week! 

I hope that if you develop an unfortunate first impression of someone who you just met, you won’t judge them harshly.  Maybe they’ve just been crapped on too.



2 responses to “First Impressions

  1. Hilarious!!
    Unfortunately I know I leave some questionable first impressions as well, glad to know I am not alone 🙂

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