The Wedoryk Family Vacation

Who are the Wedoryks you ask? Where does that name originate from? Well, let me start by explaining that this name is pronounced “we dork”. It is a combination of our two families’ last names. I guess it’s a combination of English and Ukrainian….not sure which one the dork is.

What a great trip we had together! We rented a beach house with lots of room that was centrally located between many fun attractions like Sea World and what some people call ‘the happiest place on earth’. The house was fully equipped with kitchen, BBQ, fireplace, laundry….and the occasional mystery smell of dog pee or stale marijuana was an unnecessary extra but it added a little something all the same.

There’s a lot of fun to be had when traveling in a group of 10 or more. The thrill seekers can do their thing, the more level headed can do theirs, and we holders of bags, jackets, tickets and water bottles can keep each other company while we do some sight seeing and wait for the others. Calling restaurants to ask for a cozy table for 10 under the name Wedoryk is good fun too.

One might think that travels which include record low temperatures, flash flooding, high surf warnings, and the occasional dead body would be something rather dreadful. However, the Wedoryks had a blast. It was the kind of vacation that had everything….laughing, screaming, story telling, arguing, water fights, community toothbrushes, and most of all – amazing fun. I can’t wait to do it again, and it’s my hope that you will get the opportunity for an experience like ours also…..maybe without the dead guy.



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