Quinoa is the greatest. For the first time I finally cooked it. It is so easy, just like rice. Super healthy and good for you.  In fact it is a complete protein and has eight amino acids. I used some raw in what was supposed to be a granola bar but failed at that and just turned into granola. It was a perfect crunchy addition.  Then I cooked some like rice in some chicken broth and that was good too. Some of the kids thought it was a bit bland, so I think my next attempt will be in a pilaf, with some brown rice and barley. Quinoa is also a complex carbohydrate so keeps us feeling full longer. Another great attribute is that Quinoa is grown on the Prairies. At our Harvest Feastival, chef Rob made a Quinoa salad. Tasty and super simple. Try it.



One response to “Quinoa

  1. I keep seeing quinoa in recipes and articles but have never eaten it. I guess it’s about time I try it out. 🙂

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