Money tips from Grandma

Chatelaine magazine recently had an article on financial tips your grandma would have told you.  Those that went through the Depression really learned how to be careful with spending. A couple of points really struck home. One was to reuse tin foil and string. I distinctly remember my grandma doing this. Probably wax paper too. And guess what, much to everyone else’s amusement (perhaps dismay) you will often find folded up pieces of tin foil in my drawer. Over a 12 month period this probably saves about $12.49. Another point was to get rid of paper towel and use all those wore out clothes cut up into rags. This is perfect for me. I hate paper towel. If you ever see any at my house you will know I did not buy it. Probably, another $23.95. Grandma lived to be 102 and lived through some tough times.  I will admit (don’t tell the big guy) that perhaps we don’t always have to reuse tin foil and not everyone wants to use old holey gonch as a dish rag, but there is many lessons to be learned from Grandma.



One response to “Money tips from Grandma

  1. And I thought you had a tinfoil drawer just to watch me unfold a piece while you giggled silently. Hee hee

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