Exploring:The Trip

Catalina Island

Sunny California

I think exploring is a wonderful thing. As kids, we do it all the time, but as adults we don’t seem to have the time or think it is important. We were lucky enough, all 10 of us, to have the opportunity to explore in another country recently. Also, a somewhat better climate. It was unseasonably cold there but it was still a lot better than the -40 degrees here. Being along the ocean certainly feels different to us land locked people. We had a great place to stay with lots of room for all ten of us. Okay, there was a slight odor from one of the bedrooms but that is where the three teenage boys stayed and they didn’t really notice until we had been there for a few days.  All kinds of exploring: beach combing, walking or running along the beach, riding a train, checking out Old Town and Sea World in San Diego, college girls’ basketball, shopping,  , Joe’s Crab Shack, The Outback, Bubba Gumps,  Catalina Island, scuba diving, segueway  tours, and of course Mickey Mouse, the happiest place on earth. We packed a lot in but it was a great week of exploring.



One response to “Exploring:The Trip

  1. Glenys Coleman

    Joe’s Crab Shack and Bubba Gump’s, two of our favourite spots!

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