Pay It Forward

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have a positive health care experience and witness Pay It Forward in action. Due to the doctor shortage, our clinic has a walk-in in the afternoon where you go sometime before one o’clock, take a number and wait until you can see a doctor. You have to be a patient at our clinic and you may or may not see your own doctor, but your actual file will be there. The little big man had an injury during wrestling at school, which I left over the weekend, but it was still bothering him on Monday.  Fears of two weeks later being the negligent mother of the kid with the old broken arm won out and I took him to the clinic.  We did have to wait but all in all it was only for about an hour. Of course then we had to go to another spot for an x-ray and then back again. But we found out it is not broken, only sprained and he has to wear a sling for a week.  In the midst of all this there were a number of small children with colds at the clinic. One grandma ( I am assuming) had two little ones with her. One in a baby bucket and the other not yet two. They were not feeling well and were not happy. She had number five.  There was another lady who had number three and she gave her spot to the grandma with the two little ones so they could get in faster. How kind. Nice to see Pay It Forward in action and nice for the teenage boy to witness it.



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