Not exactly original

Call it copying or borrowing or perhaps adding to. I came across a fabulous quote on the Pioneer Woman website. It is in the photography section under the flower photography contest. Only one photograph had a quote and it is the coneflower by Monica de Moss photography.

“What you see depends on what you are looking for.”

How true. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on what we are looking for. What glasses are we looking through? If we are irritated with someone, suddenly we can find a long list of irritants.  Admittedly, it is not always a bowl full of cherries but we do choose our attitude.  The photo referred to above is fabulous, so in the spirit of flower photography, I am going to include one of my own wildflower pictures of Three Flowered Avon.



2 responses to “Not exactly original

  1. I immediately knew that the picture was yours even before I read your entry. I have a similar picture that you snapped a hundred years ago. It is nice to see that we all grow and change but some things are constant. I love that you still take pictures of flowers.


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