Farm Kids

You know, kids just have a different way of seeing things.  It’s really great to witness their innocence when they ask inappropriate questions in front of Grandma, when they confess that Mom has been cleaning for days and our house is usually really messy as your guests arrive….you get what I mean.

In my opinion, farm kids hold on to this innocence for a while.  I really don’t know why.  It becomes very apparent when you see kids who live in rural areas running towards an escalator in a mall and riding it up and down like it’s some kind of carnival ride….or is that just my kids?  I will give you two examples that have happened in our house in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday our son arrived home from college.  He is here for the weekend to see us…..well, not really to see us, more to see his girlfriend and his buddies, but that’s OK we’ll enjoy whatever glimpses we can get of him over the next few days.   As he walked in the door, he said “Hey – why are you guys all dressed up?”  I looked at his dad.  His dad looked at me.  I took in my husbands blue jeans, denim shirt with the ratty collar and wrinkled pockets, no belt and his 24 hour shadow that would take most men a good week to grow.  He’s a ruggedly handsome man. 

I am sure that my husband was wondering about my mismatched old striped sweater with the denim vest over it, blue jeans and no socks.  I too am ruggedly handsome.  Our son could see the confusion, and he said “well, Dad is wearing a button up shirt,  and there’s no cow sh*t on his jeans”.  Wow.  It makes me wonder what we usually look like when people drop in.  Truthfully, our washing machine broke down for a few hours early in the week, and that has set us back far enough that we had to resort to wearing stuff from the back of the closet.  It was good for a laugh, and I plan to put together a really great ensemble for the next time my son arrives home.

Example #2 was this morning.  Our three kids, aged 18, 16 and 11 were walking out the door to drive to town for a karate weapons seminar.  One was carrying a bo (big stick), one was carrying a pair of sai (metal with three prongs) and one was carrying nunchaku (also known as nun-chucks).  They are big strong kids.  It was an impressive sight, I smiled proudly, thinking about how well they can protect themselves and others if they need to.   Then, our 16-year-old said “this is really cool!  If we had one more person with a sword we would be the ninja turtles”. 

Ya guys, that’s cool alright.  Real cool.



2 responses to “Farm Kids

  1. I burst out laughing in my hostel in Scotland, dozens of people are looking at me now hahaha

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