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Well, it has been said already but yesterday we were fortunate to have been able to attend the ‘Developing Local Culinary Tourism Experiences from Farm to Fork’ workshop.  It was appropriately held in a small town hall.  I say that it is appropriate because on our two-hour drive to Ryley, Alberta we drove through some very beautiful farm land which is currently producing beef, grain, fruit, chicken, vegetables and more which was evident in the locally sourced lunch that was served.  I say that we were fortunate to have been able to attend because Kelly was driving.  Enough said. 

No offense Kelly, you are a wonderful driver and it was so generous of you to volunteer, but some of us know the driving/insurance history and it’s not pretty.  Hahaha! 

Anyhow, we learned so much and were so inspired by the facilitator and speakers in Ryley that we have got many new ideas for local food opportunities.  It’s a wonderful thing when you find people who are forward thinking with good ideas that they are excited about.  Stay tuned for our next culinary event!  People who attended included hotel owners, chefs, government representatives, vegetable growers, meat producers, food bloggers, museum curators and those who were interested in networking and making new connections. 

I would include pictures of Kelly driving through the country side here, but I didn’t take any.  My camera was with me, but I couldn’t stop talking long enough to snap a few photos.  I have a lot to learn with this blogging stuff.

Also a big thankyou to Mike for letting us use his vehicle for our road trip.  The GPS worked beautifully.  It has also now been set to Arabic for your listening pleasure on your next drive.  You are welcome.  Call me if you get lost.



2 responses to “Explore Local

  1. Ha!! Just glad you made it home safely too!! I can say that, as her baby brother stopped in the middle of an intersection in Vermillion tonight, (babies were onboard) while making a U-turn, cause he thought he knew where he was going but didn’t. Needless to say I wanted to call him by his first name which he shares with another family member. The point is Terra… it’s genetics! Next time you should just drive 😉 lol

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