Big Red

I watched the movie, Secretariat, last night with two of the kids. What a heartwarming, entertaining movie. And of course, for me there was the horse  theme. There is much to the story that I did not know and it was great to see that a housewife in the late ’60s went against the establishment, so to speak, to save her family’s horse farm. The cinematography of the horse races is well done. The housewife, played by Diane Lane, perserveres along with those that believe in this famous son of  Bold Ruler. One of those is the flamboyant trainer, played by John Malkovich. There are undertones of other issues of the day, such as protesting the war. It is well done and at the end you want to celebrate Big Red winning the Triple Crown, as well as, the triumph of a woman to go after what she believed in. Watch it if you get a chance.



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