Home Made Pasta


I made my own spaghetti!  No, I don’t mean that I opened the box and boiled spaghetti by myself.  I mean that I made the dough, kneaded the dough and with mere flour and eggs and a bit of water created spaghetti.  It was amazing, not that difficult, and fun in a way that brought back memories of the cool play dough sets we had as kids.  I remember squishing the multicolored, multi textured, multi germified dough through the fancy shape makers, marveling at my creativity….and trying to feed it to my little sister.  This was like that, but better in a less salty, less germified way.

Here is the recipe for 5 people:

5 cups of pasta or regular white flour

6 eggs

Put the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center.

Break the eggs into the well, and mix them up with a fork until smooth.

With your fingertips gradually work the eggs and flour together until you get smooth dough.  Add some water if you need to cheat a bit.  I did.

Ta da!  You now have pasta dough.  Get it out of the bowl and knead it on your counter top.  This takes longer than you think it will, and it’s a bit of a workout on your fingers, but you can do this.  Keep pushing it around and slamming it onto the counter until it’s quite uniform in texture.  It will be kind of smooth, soft and solid feeling.

Wrap it in a clean damp tea towel so it doesn’t dry out, and with slices of the dough that are about 2” by 4” start rolling it through your pasta maker, following the manufacturer’s directions. 

*I prefer to use Jamie Oliver’s directions which are in his ‘Cook’ cookbook.  That’s because I love Jamie Oliver*………blush………..

But, what if you have come this far and discover that you don’t have a pasta making machine?  Go buy one.  Mine cost $30.00. They are cheap and fun, just like some of the best people you know.  If you prefer not to buy one, you can achieve pasta using a rolling pin on your table top.  Make sure to dust your table top with flour to keep the dough from sticking.  This will work, I’ve seen it done in my kitchen, but it’s more work than using a machine.  Use your rolling pin to flatten the dough to the thickness of a coaster, and cut it into the shapes you want using a boring old knife.  Don’t cut the table.

Have fun making pasta!  For our dinner, we had homemade spaghetti with deer sausage that I cut out of the casings and disguised as meatballs….and canned tomato sauce.  I know, I know, Martha Stewart would have made the sauce too, but I didn’t.  I cannot risk the appearance of perfection and have my family start to expect this on a regular basis.  I need to leave some room for imperfection so they aren’t alarmed the next time we have cereal for supper. 

The spaghetti was amazing.  To cook your homemade noodles, get your water boiling first and drop the noodles in carefully.  There is no need to add oil, just give them a bit of a stir when you first put them into the boiling water, and take them out after cooking them for approximately 3 minutes.  They don’t stick together, and they don’t dissolve into the water as I expected they would.  Jamie Oliver says that you can dry your pasta after it’s rolled, or his preference is to freeze it.  We ate ours all in one evening, but next time I will make extra and freeze it so I can give some away….maybe my little sister would like this better than the play dough.




2 responses to “Home Made Pasta

  1. I believe I would like to try your pasta Terra, the playdough was never that bad either ….. but probably did contribute to my love of salt – Oh well, it will give us a laugh when we are in the nursing home suffering from hypertension… but Thanks again for always having my best interests at heart !!!!

    • Hey you’re welcome. One of these days I will actually bring some pasta over instead of just talking about it. So far I’ve been all talk and no action because I make the pasta and we quickly eat it all. This weekend might be my chance to make some extra and bring it over….but can you trust me that it’s not really play dough??

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