Food Myths

Food Myths

I must give credit where credit is do and say this idea came from watching Rachael Ray. The theme of today’s show was Food Myths. All sorts of interesting tidbits.

  • Lemon will whiten your teeth but it is too hard on the enamel, so use baking soda instead. (Still not sure what scraping your teeth with metallic instruments during a professional cleaning does, but that is a subject for another time)
  • Beer is a fabulous beverage but did you know it is also great for your hair? It takes out residues and fortifies. Better yet, is apple cider vinegar.  It balances pH, takes out residues and build up, and makes your hair shiny. I think this it is great for farm water.
  • Olive oil is good to clean your face if you have dry skin. So is honey, with its antioxidants antibacterial properties.

 A cheese monger was also on the show and suggested we expand our horizons beyond crackers and cheese and pair it with such things as pickles, edamame, and peanut butter. He also explained that soft cheese is not higher in fat it is actually higher in water. The harder the cheese, the higher the fat content. It is actually the opposite of what you would expect. He even mentioned pecorino cheese, that fabulous cheese from sheep’s milk that we can even get locally, at the Cheesiry .



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