10 Things I Have Learned From Our Horses


  1. Respect your elders, let them eat first.  If you don’t they are very likely to bite your face or kick your ass.
  2. I will not eat anything that is moldy.  If you offer moldy things for me to eat, I will hack and cough and wobble and collapse until you understand that I don’t like moldy food.
  3. I refuse to poop while I’m walking.  On a good day, you might get me to pee and walk, but I insist on taking a break when I need to poop.
  4. If something is in your nose, blow it out.  If this offends someone they shouldn’t stand so close.
  5. Sometimes I don’t want to comb my hair.  I am perfectly fine with cutting the knots out later.
  6. If no one wants to play with you, just keep running in circles around them until they can’t resist.  Eventually they will chase you just to make you go away.
  7. If you are scared of the dog, run and hide behind someone who isn’t.   They will chase him away or stomp him into the dirt for you.
  8. If you find yourself on an upward climb, you should run to the top.  No sense wasting time.
  9. Sometimes the person offering you a bucket of goodies is actually fooling you into a trap and there are no goodies at all.  That sucks, so don’t let it happen twice.
  10.  When you come to see me, you should always bring a treat.



2 responses to “10 Things I Have Learned From Our Horses

  1. These are very insightful things that you have learned from your horses. Not only are they magnificent they are extremely intelligent as well. Keep watching, they will teach you more.

    • Thanks Patti. You’re right, we learn so much from watching them. I had come up with these points after feeding them one morning. Just about everything I listed happened in a 20 minute period of watching them. It’s great!

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