Little Big Guy

Guess who is the fastest?

Taco is the name of the guy in the front. I always had an aversion to these ponies and balked a number of times when our son wanted one. However, after earning some money of his own and finding the horse-pony from a friend of ours,  I gave in.  They have taken a couple of driving clinics and the boy has taught Taco how to drive. Initially he was worrried about Taco being turned out with the five big geldings. But as Taco can wiggle through most fences he soon ended up with  the big guys and he can definitely hold his own. In fact they all escaped last week and were racing away from so-called captivity. Guess who was the leader of the pack when they were all running flat out?  Taco. Apparently he has yet to figure out he is actually the smallest, by a long shot.  Below they are all out for a jog, not the high speed version.


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