Great Christmas Presents

Despite it seeming like quite some time ago already, eventhough we still have our tree up, I wanted to share some of the special hits of Christmas. We had a local artisan make a special necklace for my mom. It has a silver paw print and a small gem. I had seen one at the SPCA Dinner Theatre and contacted the artisan, Dawn Floen of . She was willing to custom make one within our desired price range. What a truly unique gift for the hard to buy for. One of the fun gifts came from one daughter to another and was an ice cream maker from Wholesale Sports. It is made of hard plastic and shaped like a soccer ball. After loading it with ingredients and ice and salt it needs to be shaken and rolled for half an hour. Great fun and fabulous treat. Paradise Hill Farm Supply was also the location of a number of gifts. Terra and I really think it is great when someone asks where we got that gorgeous coat, nice earrings, sweet perfume, funky sandals, cool tea towel, to answer, “Paradise Hill Farm Supply.”  Our kids think you might be a redneck when the bulk of the presents come from outdoors or western stores. We were definitely spoiled.


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