Flying Changes

Another good book by Sara Gruen. This one has a strong horse theme, predominantly English. It is a story of one woman’s journey and relationship with her daughter, boyfriend, mother and of course horse. A previous accident is still impacting her day to day life, but another event brings her to an unexpected but welcome place. I enjoyed this as well, and then discovered it is actually the second in a series, Riding Lessons, being the first.


3 responses to “Flying Changes

  1. Dear Kelly.
    Why have you not loaned this book to me? That is all.

  2. You know you’re not supposed to comment on your own blog…lmao But I’m not surprised 😉

    ps. did you know that if you comment you can click to get updates on new post via email??

    • Shauna, I did not know that. HOwever, I also just realized that I can reply to your comments. What fun this is! Imagine what other fun things there are on here for me to do that I haven’t found yet….hey what does this button do??

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