Where is the logic?

This morning I made a call to a provincial government department who are administering a federal program. I had received a notice for the program which stated quite clearly the deadline was December 31. When I call the number on the notice for more information they tell me the office for the particular department I was looking for was closed. Until January 4. How does that work? Of course the girl answering the phone has nothing to do with my grievance but I couldn’t help but be frustrated. How can you adhere to a deadline when the office is closed a week before? I did manage to get a fax number to send a fax, but this was still not the actual form I needed to file. In my frustration I also sent a fax to our local MLA and MP. I have no idea if this is actually going to work or not but tell me where is the logic? P.S. It happens to be an ag program.


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