The third day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, I had chocolate port.

I love it when things work out.  I am also laughing at all of the spelling mistakes I have corrected in these first two sentences already.  I may be drunk.  Let’s see how this goes.

The event for this evening was a Christmas party at the Fithen house.  The Fithens are people who we have met through our sons’ football team ‘The LCHS Barons’.  We have formed a group of 10 moms who meet monthly to drink wine and discuss football and whatever other problems of the universe that we can solve in an evening (which is a lot).

As the afternoon went on, I was starting to feel like I couldn’t possibly be any fun at all tonight.  I was too tired.  I had no clothes to wear.  I had bad hair.  I had wrinkles.

However, these people are a lot of fun, and this time we were bringing out our husbands, so I wanted to show mine off and have him meet my new friends.  I sucked it up, made some supper, and started to get ready for what was sure to be a fun evening of tired revelry to celebrate Christmas….and Marlene makes wine so I didn’t want to miss that.

My big guy came home from hauling grain just in time to pretend that he never had been told about the party and he wasn’t sure if he could make it.  Something about an appointment with his polo coach or perhaps it was that he needed to wash his hair. 

I was pretty sure I could coax him to come along with me, until his little saving grace, our wonderful little girl child began coughing in the living room and calling out oh so mournfully for ‘Halls please’…..she was clearly VERY ill.  He would of course selflessly volunteer to stay home with her…and watch TV….and have the remote all to himself.  He’s an awesome Daddy.

I decided to go anyways.  I decided that the boys could drive me.  I decided that I was going to have fun dammit.  But, only for an hour, then the boys should pick me up and bring me home to sleep on the couch with the TV on.

The boys dropped me off.  I was poured a glass of Marlene’s home made chocolate port wine.  I was poured another glass of Marlene’s chocolate porth…and then Marlene poured me another of her port….and when Martha poured me a fourth of her shoclate porth the boys had come to pick me up.  I was visiting.  I was having fun.  I was begging for 15 more minutes.  I was getting lectured about the importance of adhering to previously set curfew rules by my 16 year old.  He’s no fun sometimes.  BUT my 18 year old son took mercy on me by saying to his brother ‘she’s having fun, and how often does she do that?  Let’s give her 15 more minutes.’  He’s a darling.  I asked for half an hour, but that apparently was pushing my luck.

I had a great evening.  I stayed longer than I should have.  The boys had to help me do up the zipper on my boot.  Marlene gave me two bottles of her wine, and Roberta gave me a lovely bowl full of popcorn and chocolates.  It was a good day.  I had to ask my 16 year old to turn the heat down in his truck for fear I might be sick on his floor. 

So, the moral of my story was that we should just go out and enjoy this Christmas season.  Who cares if we are a bit tired?  That’s what a party does for us, and parties are fun.  Go have some fun. 

And the highlight of the day is obviously Marlene’s chocolate port wine.  If I was a good person I would have emphasized the wonderful company more, but I’m not that good of a person.  Don’t get me wrong, the company was amazing.  I love these ladies….even more after 4 glasses of wine.  BUT the wine was the highlight of my day.  However, I must note that we came to an amazing discovery through our conversations tonight.  Did you know that every first born boy has certain characteristics that are common to all first born boys?  They are all very goal oriented.  They all have a certain flaring temper.  They all are messy.  They all love their mommas, and they like to argue.  If you have an oldest boy at home and he does not present with these characteristics, go look in your couch cushions, or behind your fridge.  He probably isn’t your oldest, and you have another older one that you’ve forgotten about somewhere.  He’s most likely in your pantry or on the toilet.

Here’s what I took for an appetizer to the party:

I forgot to take a picture.   Jeez, that was before the wine.

I took cheese and charcuterie from The Cheesiry which is the only sheep dairy in Western Canada.

The cheese that I took was a 4 month and a 7 month pecorino, an herb du Provence cheese and a semi soft sheep’s cheese.  It was all wonderfully amazing and I need to go get more for Christmas. 

If you want to order any Alberta grown hand made artisan cheese from The Cheesiry which is in East Central Alberta, you can email them at

Or, even better go see their website.  That’s where the pictures will be.   

It’s Christmas Eve.  Get out there and have a great time!! 

I’m going to my sister’s house to eat her food, make a mess, get her kids all wound up and leave.  That’s what family is for right?  I hope she will return the favor.

Merry Christmas.



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